30 Groovy Facts About “Army of Darkness”

There are few horror franchises that masterfully blend gruesome horror with goofy comedy (without it being terrible) the way that Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series does.  It’s also one of the only horror franchises where the character that fans love and follow sequel after sequel is the hero rather than the villain. Spanning a film trilogy, a 2013 remake, a TV series sequel and another … Continue reading 30 Groovy Facts About “Army of Darkness”

25 Fun Facts About “Wishmaster”

Because of Disney movies like Aladdin and sitcoms like I Dream of Jeannie, our perception of genies is that of a fun, lovable being capable of befriending humans and granting them wishes.  However, the original mythos from which genies derive is far more dark and disturbing.  1997’s Wishmaster tapped into that, in a largely overlooked horror/fantasy that’s not half bad upon rewatch 25 years later.  … Continue reading 25 Fun Facts About “Wishmaster”