“Verotika”: WTF Was That?

Horror is an incredibly unique genre in that even its terrible movies can still be quite fun and entertaining.  The same certainly can’t be said for a comedy that isn’t funny or a drama that’s absolutely ridiculous. But a horror film can be so bad that it’s hilarious to mock and laugh at.  As The Last Drive In host Joe Bob Briggs has often said, … Continue reading “Verotika”: WTF Was That?

“The Room” – Movie Review

Cautionary tales warning us to beware of what we wish for date back centuries to ancient parables and fairy tales. But that doesn’t mean that new films can’t come up with creative (and disturbing) ways to retell that story. The Room is one such film. No, not the Tommy Wiseau version, and not the movie that won Brie Larson an Oscar. We’re here to discuss … Continue reading “The Room” – Movie Review