“The Stand” 1994 vs. 2020

To this day, “The Stand” remains Stephen King’s longest novel ever written and is an absolute behemoth of a story (and a physical book).  King has called his own version of “Lord of the Rings” with an epic journey being set in America, and there’s no denying its impact on his career, as well as horror as a whole. Given how massive a story it … Continue reading “The Stand” 1994 vs. 2020

The Stand: “The House of the Dead” Review

After an admittedly weak opening, CBS All Access’ The Stand is finally starting to find its place and gets its narrative going.  The fourth episode, titled “The House of the Dead” started to build some tension.  And while it didn’t quite use the nonlinear narrative effectively, it wasn’t as clunky as it has been in the first three episodes.  Is this false hope, or is … Continue reading The Stand: “The House of the Dead” Review

The Stand: “Blank Pages” Review

As The Stand begins to settle in on its long term storyline, this third episode “Blank Pages” features less of the plague that wiped out humanity and more of the impending conflict between those that follow Mother Abigail and Randall Flagg. But once again, it feels more like a series of jumbled up vignettes than a clear and concise narrative.  And it all stems from … Continue reading The Stand: “Blank Pages” Review

The Stand: “Pocket Savior” Review

Following a premiere episode that was okay at best, The Stand really picked things up in the second episode “Pocket Savior”.  The nonlinear timeline still seems like an odd choice, but it’s put to much better use here.  It also helps that the series has already introduced the Captain Trips virus, so this episode is free to focus more on character, and that’s definitely what … Continue reading The Stand: “Pocket Savior” Review

The Stand: “The End” Review

“The Stand” infamously remains Stephen King’s longest novel and adapting it is no easy task.  Mick Garris valiantly attempted a four part TV miniseries back in 1994, and the for the most part, it was very successful and well made (for its time). A modern” retelling isn’t a bad idea in theory, but it could very easily go wrong.  So how does CBS All Access’ … Continue reading The Stand: “The End” Review

Ranking Pandemic Horror Movies From Least to Most Realistic

With the whole world in a state of quarantine-induced anxiety, many are turning to watching movies about pandemics as a source of catharsis. Horror films in particular have always done a great job of taking that which we fear, and running with it to its most extreme point. Because of this, there is no shortage of films dealing with viral outbreaks and pandemics that people … Continue reading Ranking Pandemic Horror Movies From Least to Most Realistic