Top 5 Disappointing Horror Movies of 2020

It’s been quite the year (in more ways than one), and while movie theaters were sadly shut down for much of the year (and some still are), there were still a good bit of horror movies released.  Some were great, others less so. Whether it was from high expectations, or the movie missing them mark it was going for, not every horror film this year … Continue reading Top 5 Disappointing Horror Movies of 2020

“The Turning” – Movie Review

In the long history of horror, creepy kids and old mansions have always been sources of immense terror, and putting them together often proves to be a lethal combination.  Utilizing both of these elements, The Turning seeks to adapt a 19th Century story into a “modern” setting. And while the scares and tension remain rampant throughout, it’s very likely going to be up for debate … Continue reading “The Turning” – Movie Review