Ranking Every Scott Derrickson Movie (including The Black Phone)

When it comes to modern day masters of horror, Scott Derrickson is a name that often gets overlooked among others like James Wan, Jordan Peele, or Ari Aster.  But his incredibly solid body of horror work goes back two decades, and his most recent release, The Black Phone is further evidence of the genius of his craft.  So we wanted to give Derrickson his due, … Continue reading Ranking Every Scott Derrickson Movie (including The Black Phone)

15 Fun Facts About “1408”

Ever since “The Shining”, Stephen King has been synonymous with haunted hotels.  And while that remains a classic of both literature and film, another iconic haunted hotel story of his was released and adapted many years later.  In the years since its release, 1408 has become iconic in its own right. It boasts great performances from John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, and is an … Continue reading 15 Fun Facts About “1408”

“Stranger Things” Season 4 Volume 2 Trailer Promises Epic Showdown

After a three year hiatus, Stranger Things came back with a bang.  The first volume of Season 4 left both fans and critics amazed at the intensity, character moments, and shocking plot developments.  So with Volume 2 only 10 days away, Netflix just amped up the anticipation with a full trailer of the final two episodes, both of which will be as long feature length … Continue reading “Stranger Things” Season 4 Volume 2 Trailer Promises Epic Showdown

20 Fun Facts About “Panic Room”

Most people aren’t literally worried about things like vampires, werewolves, or aliens getting them.  However, home invasion is a very real, very terrifying threat that we read about in the news every day.  It’s the reason why home invasion horror/thriller movies strike a particular chord with not just horror fans, but general audiences as well. One such movie that struck a chord way back in … Continue reading 20 Fun Facts About “Panic Room”

“Silent House”: An Underrated Gem, 10 Years Later

Long before Elizabeth Olsen was casting spells with the Avengers and fixing multiverses with Doctor Strange, she was breaking into the acting scene and trying to escape the shadow that was being the younger sister of the much more famous Olsen twins. One of her earliest breakout roles was 2012’s Silent House, a lesser known, low budget psychological thriller that’s not only an underrated gem.  … Continue reading “Silent House”: An Underrated Gem, 10 Years Later

“Fresh” – Movie Review

For anyone who’s delved into the modern online dating scene, they can attest to the horrors it can bring (along with hilarity from time to time).  It begs the question if meeting someone in person and doing things the “old fashioned way” truly was better.  Hulu’s latest original horror movie Fresh takes this idea and runs with it into incredibly dark territory! Too Good to … Continue reading “Fresh” – Movie Review

15 Cryptic Facts About “Zodiac”

Known for this dark and poetic thrillers David Fincher certainly has a style of his own.  And it’s a style so iconic that even recent superhero movies seem to be taking a page from his book.  Many will debate which of his movies is best, and honestly a case could be made for all of them.  But one that often stands out as his masterpiece … Continue reading 15 Cryptic Facts About “Zodiac”

“The Number 23” 15 Years Later: So Ridiculous It’s Charming

Several years after his peak as the undisputed comedic king of the box office, and years before his decline into making creepy internet videos addressed to Emma Stone, Jim Carrey (like many other comedic actors) went through a phase where he wanted to try his hand at more dramatic roles.  It had worked for the likes of Robin Williams, who turned out amazing performances in … Continue reading “The Number 23” 15 Years Later: So Ridiculous It’s Charming

Why Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” Still Holds Up 50 Years Later

When people look back on Steven Spielberg’s prolific and acclaimed career, most will cite Jaws as his first “official” film.  And while that’s the movie that birthed the Hollywood blockbuster and made him a household name, it was technically not the first feature length film he ever made. Four years prior, he directed a TV Movie that was so well received, it wound up getting … Continue reading Why Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” Still Holds Up 50 Years Later

“Superhost” – Movie Review

Staying in a stranger’s home for vacation seems kind of insane, but it’s something that millions of people do every day using sites of AirBnb.  Shudder’s latest original film, Superhost, delves into just how creepy things can get. All for the Clicks The movie opens with a vlog-like YouTube channel featuring Claire (Sara Canning) and Teddy (Osric Chau) as they stay in vacation rentals and … Continue reading “Superhost” – Movie Review