Chucky: “Hail, Mary!” Review

After an episode that left us with an amusingly frustrating cliffhanger, this latest episode of Chucky not only delivered on paying off a subplot we haven’t seen since 2004, it also expanded on the franchise’s own mythology in a fascinating way. Switching Sides Following the capture of the scout Chucky that was sent to gather information on the three teenage protagonists, Jake, Devon, and Lexy … Continue reading Chucky: “Hail, Mary!” Review

Evil: “Room 320” Review

We’ve had to wait a month after David’s attack to see what happened and Evil wasted no time jumping right back into it.  What results is an oddly surreal and beautifully trippy story that we’re never quite sure what’s really happening in. Minor Spoilers Ahead What’s Real Anymore? “Room 320” opens with David being rushed to the hospital, with Kristen and Ben worrying in the … Continue reading Evil: “Room 320” Review

Evil: “Exorcism Part 2” Review

After weeks of fans complaining that storylines didn’t really follow through episode to episode, it seems that the writers heard this call, or more realistically they had planned this out from the beginning anyway.  Either way, “Exorcism Part 2” gave a nice follow up to previous plot threads, as well as demonstrated some of the real world consequences of this type of supernatural investigation. Spoilers … Continue reading Evil: “Exorcism Part 2” Review

Castle Rock: “Dirty” Review

Proving once again to be far superior to its first season, Castle Rock season 2 gave us a strong episode, further building its supernatural threat and putting things in motion for what will most likely be a tense finale! Spoilers Ahead: You’ve Been Warned!!! Hitting the Fan Following the events of last episode, the “Cult of Amity” has completely taken over the town.  Believing that … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Dirty” Review