“Vampires vs. The Bronx” – Movie Review

It’s the Halloween season and Netflix is getting in the spirit with a ton of exciting horror releases this month, the latest of which is the amusingly titled Vampires vs. The Bronx.  But don’t be fooled by its title, which almost sounds like a parody. This latest supernatural horror-comedy is both fun and lighthearted, while also dealing with some very real social issues, but in … Continue reading “Vampires vs. The Bronx” – Movie Review

35 Fun Facts About “Fright Night”

As slasher films dominated the 1980s, writer/director Tom Holland (not Spider-Man) sought to bring back the lore of old school monster movies, with a dose of self-aware humor. The result was 1985’s Fright Night, which remains a cult classic for many horror fans. It boasts memorable characters, impressive special effects/makeup, and a charm that would be nearly impossible to replicate today. So, in honor of … Continue reading 35 Fun Facts About “Fright Night”

“Girls Just Wanna Have Blood” – Movie Review

Horror movies often fall into two categories, the ones that take themselves seriously to disturb you (The Shining, The Exorcist), and the ones that don’t to make you laugh (Evil Dead, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil). And then there’s some horror movies that make you cringe with how terrible they are, but are admittedly so laughably bad that they’re still funny. Girls Just Wanna Have … Continue reading “Girls Just Wanna Have Blood” – Movie Review

“Last Man on Earth” vs. “Omega Man” vs. “I Am Legend”

One source novel, three very different adaptations (four if you count the mockbuster). Richard Matheson’s classic novel “I Am Legend” would go on to inspire the entire post-apocalyptic subgenre for decades to come, and there’s a reason the story kept getting adapted. Now with pandemic-related fears and anxieties all around the world, many are turning to films like these as a form of ironic escapism, … Continue reading “Last Man on Earth” vs. “Omega Man” vs. “I Am Legend”

“Vampires” (Netflix) Season 1 Review

Once again, Netflix has proven that while their original movies and series can be very hit or miss, the “originals” they import from Europe always hit their mark, particularly in the horror/thriller genre. Between Marianne, Veronica, The Platform, and now Vampires, those viewers who can handle reading subtitles (which really isn’t hard) are getting to enjoy better material than Netflix tends to put out (excluding … Continue reading “Vampires” (Netflix) Season 1 Review

“Castlevania” – Season 3 Review (Spoiler Free)

After fans sunk their teeth into the first two seasons of Netflix’s Castlevania, season 3 faced a seemingly impossible task. How could the series go on in the absence of such as iconic villain as Dracula. In response the series, shifted its tone and focus a bit, into something far more serialized, which seemed to work very well…for the most part. (Spoiler Free) Splintered Everywhere … Continue reading “Castlevania” – Season 3 Review (Spoiler Free)

“V-Wars” Season 1 Review (Spoiler Free)

As the great vampire of the last decade seems to fizzle out, Netflix dropped another entry into the myriad of vampire media, and the best and worst thing about it is that it’s merely okay.  It has brilliant ideas and pulls of certain elements with perfection, but in other areas it seriously lacks, thus holding back the series as a whole.  So let’s take a … Continue reading “V-Wars” Season 1 Review (Spoiler Free)

40 Fun Facts About “Salem’s Lot”

The Stephen King miniseries/TV movie has become something of a long-standing tradition over the last four decades.  While many of his classic horror novels have been given the cinematic treatment, some proved far too long for the silver screen, and instead were brought to life on the small screen, where they could be broken up into parts. This entire tradition began back in 1979 with … Continue reading 40 Fun Facts About “Salem’s Lot”

Castle Rock: “Mother” Review

Following up what was arguably the best episode of all of Castle Rock, “Mother” had the daunting task of paying off the emotional setup we got in “The Laughing Place”, while also picking up Nadia and Abdi’s Merrill subplot, and also advancing the supernatural horror element which will most likely play a role later.  And if that sounds like a lot to cover, it very … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Mother” Review

Castle Rock: “Let The River Run”, “New Jerusalem”, “Ties That Bind” Review (Spoilers)

After a mysterious, compelling, and even trippy first season, Hulu brought us back into the Stephen King shared universe this week with another season premiere of Castle Rock.  While the first season had a few characters and references from King’s novels, the bulk of the main characters were original to the series. However this time, it seems that our main character is one of King’s … Continue reading Castle Rock: “Let The River Run”, “New Jerusalem”, “Ties That Bind” Review (Spoilers)