“The Pale Door” – Movie Review

Horror and Western are two genres that don’t often go together.  However, when done right, it can be fun like Tremors, and thrilling like From Dusk Till Dawn.  The latest Shudder exclusive, The Pale Door blends its Western setting with witchcraft and in doing so, creates something unique to both subgenres. The Switched Witch We begin with a lovable group of misfit outlaws who resort … Continue reading “The Pale Door” – Movie Review

Ranking Every “Tremors” Movie

Spanning 30 years, 7 movies, 3 centuries of setting, and 1 badass hero throughout, the Tremors franchise is one unlike any other.  Part Western/Action, part B-Movie Monster Horror, it’s a series that’s never taken itself too seriously and always managed to be fun. So with the release of Shrieker Island, which seems to be something of a finale for the franchise, we thought it would … Continue reading Ranking Every “Tremors” Movie