Why We Don’t Need an Exorcist Reboot

There are few films in history that have had such a cultural impact as 1973’s The Exorcist. For long time it was highest grossing horror film (as well as highest grossing “R” rated film) of all time, and it is still considered by many to be the scariest movie ever made. So it seems a bit sudden and out of left field that Morgan Creek … Continue reading Why We Don’t Need an Exorcist Reboot

30 Fun Facts About “The Exorcist III”

For over 40 years, The Exorcist has been considered by many to be the greatest and most frightening horror film ever made. Its reputation is unlike any other. However, its sequel The Exorcist II: The Heretic is remembered as one of the worst horror movie and most unnecessary sequels in history. The third entry in the series is another story entirely. Serving as more of … Continue reading 30 Fun Facts About “The Exorcist III”

Cursed Films: “The Exorcist” Review

Following up their enlightening original documentary Horror Noire, Shudder is taking another dive behind the scenes with Cursed Films: a five part docuseries about the strange happenings that occurred in real life around the productions of some of our favorite horror films. Featuring interviews with cast members (Linda Blair, Eileen Dietz), film critics, and religious studies professors, the first episode analyzes one of the greatest … Continue reading Cursed Films: “The Exorcist” Review