“Dark Shadows” 10 Years Later – The End of the Burton/Depp Era

Between The Addams Family, The Munsters, and Dark Shadows, the 1960’s seemed to be a highpoint for lighthearted “horror” based TV shows.  While the first two were more sitcom-based, Dark Shadows took the soap opera approach and remained a popular TV show.  So when it was announced that Tim Burton was doing a movie adaptation, fans were both intrigued but apprehensive. Casting his familiar actors … Continue reading “Dark Shadows” 10 Years Later – The End of the Burton/Depp Era

“A Discovery of Witches”: Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Following a time walking cliffhanger (which really wasn’t a cliffhanger if you saw any of the Season 2 promotional material), A Discovery of Witches returns with its second season in a very different setting. The first season was greatly praised for its characters, world-building, and lack of “teen drama” that seems ever so prevalent in vampire romance media.  Can this new season and setting live … Continue reading “A Discovery of Witches”: Season 2 Episode 1 Review

“The Witches” (2020) – Movie Review

Following up a 90’s classic that scarred an entire generation is certainly no easy feat.  However, the beloved director of Back to the Future and Forrest Gump (Robert Zemeckis), along with 2 Oscar winners (Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer) and 1 Oscar nominee (Stanley Tucci) have the best chance of anyone. So how does 2020’s The Witches compare to its iconic original, and does it … Continue reading “The Witches” (2020) – Movie Review

“Viy”: The Only Horror Movie from the Soviet Union

While horror is a word often associated with the many atrocities and abuses suffered in the Soviet Union, horror itself is not something that the nation wanted to promote, at least not in cinema. When looking up horror films from Russia, it’s quite surprising to find that between the few silent pictures in the 1920’s and the slight boost in the 2000’s, there were virtually … Continue reading “Viy”: The Only Horror Movie from the Soviet Union

“The Wretched” – Movie Review

Animosity or anxiety towards our neighbors has long been an American tradition, so it’s no surprise that horror films have often utilized this trope. Films like Rear Window, and its blatant ripoff Disturbia come to mind. The Wretched takes this premise, and attempts to spice things up with a supernatural twist. But it’s more than just your ordinary horror film. Given the current pandemic, this … Continue reading “The Wretched” – Movie Review

Cursed Films: “The Omen” Review

While the alleged curse of The Exorcist took form in a set fire and the death of Max von Sydow’s brother, The Omen seemed to up the ante, so to speak. Long has legend told stories of cast and crew members dying, as well as a demonic force truly present. The latest episode of Shudder’s Cursed Films docuseries begs the dreaded question, did this film … Continue reading Cursed Films: “The Omen” Review

“Marianne” (Spoiler Free Review)

Amidst all the horror memes and Jason Vorhees social media posts, Netflix quietly dropped a brilliantly creepy French horror series this past Friday the 13th!  Marianne deals with a writer of horror fiction, whose stories seem to be haunting her in the real world.  But more than that, it’s a 8 episode tension build with good scares, and a fascinating reflection on what it means … Continue reading “Marianne” (Spoiler Free Review)