“A Nightmare Wakes” – Movie Review

Along with Dracula, Frankenstein (or more accurately Frankenstein’s Monster) remains a beacon of both horror and literature, instantly recognizable to even non-fans.  However, few know the story behind what is arguably the first “science gone wrong” cautionary tale. Many automatically assume that the author of “Frankenstein” (or as it was alternately titled “The Modern Prometheus”) was written by a man.  Its author, Mary Shelley even … Continue reading “A Nightmare Wakes” – Movie Review

“Scare Me” – Movie Review

Whether or not something scares someone is often used as criteria for the quality of a horror movie or story.  Shudder’s latest original film Scare Me, takes this concept and runs with it. It’s a truly unique horror “anthology” that may or may not actually fit the definition of that word.  Inevitably it’s going to prove very divisive among horror fans, with both 10 star … Continue reading “Scare Me” – Movie Review

“Marianne” (Spoiler Free Review)

Amidst all the horror memes and Jason Vorhees social media posts, Netflix quietly dropped a brilliantly creepy French horror series this past Friday the 13th!  Marianne deals with a writer of horror fiction, whose stories seem to be haunting her in the real world.  But more than that, it’s a 8 episode tension build with good scares, and a fascinating reflection on what it means … Continue reading “Marianne” (Spoiler Free Review)