“Burial” – Movie Review

The “mystery” surrounding Hitler’s fate at the end of WWII has long been the fodder of conspiracy theorists going back decades.  The official historical record states that he committed suicide in his bunker as Soviet forces were capturing the city.  However, given that his body was never found, many alleged that Hitler actually survived and escaped. This decades-long debate is the subject of Shudder’s latest … Continue reading “Burial” – Movie Review

The Bunker Game – Movie Review

Through the lens of entertainment, it’s easy to look at history as just a prop or background setting to create new stories.  However, we must never forget that the past really happened and that with it comes many scars and traumas.  This idea is at the forefront of the latest Shudder Exclusive, The Bunker Game. Alternate History (Minor Spoilers) Opening with a fake newsreel that … Continue reading The Bunker Game – Movie Review

Creepshow Review – “Bad Wolf Down”/”The Finger” (Spoilers)

Last week Shudder’s Creepshow exceeded expectations as it provided new stories to satisfy modern audiences.  Part of what made it work so much was that it captured the spirit of the original film, while also avoiding being a rehash, since the stories were brand new.  But how does this week’s pair of stories compare?  Let’s a take a closer (spoiler filled) look at “Bad Wolf … Continue reading Creepshow Review – “Bad Wolf Down”/”The Finger” (Spoilers)