WandaVision: “On a Very Special Episode…”

After spending an entire episode revealing the truth outside Wanda’s “bubble”, WandaVision returns to Westview for another sitcom episode, this time set in the 1980’s. However, the façade is starting to fall apart as Vision grows more suspicious, and we the audience are treated to more revelations, one of which is bound to have massive ripple effects on the MCU itself! (Spoilers Ahead – You’ve … Continue reading WandaVision: “On a Very Special Episode…”

“The New Mutants” – Movie Review

Well it’s finally here! It’s been through reshoots, the Disney/Fox merger, a global pandemic, New Mutants is finally being released in theaters, nearly 2 ½ years after it was originally slated for release. Can it live up to all the hype, or has all the waiting given everyone an unrealistic expectation. Let’s take a closer look and find out! (Spoiler Free Until the End) Disclaimer: … Continue reading “The New Mutants” – Movie Review