20th Century Studios Releases Brief, But Thrilling Teaser for Predator Prequel “Prey”

Every since Arnold Schwarzenegger first fought to the death against the extra-terrestrial hunter in 1987, the Predator franchise has been a staple of sci-fi action/horror.  Consisting of six total films (including two crossovers with the xenomorphs from Alien), 20th Century Studios had previously announced that audiences would be gifted with a seventh installment in that series.And with the release of a brief, but thrilling teaser … Continue reading 20th Century Studios Releases Brief, But Thrilling Teaser for Predator Prequel “Prey”

15 Awesome Superhero “Horror” Movies

While most superhero movies occupy the Action/Adventure genre, their absolute explosion over the last 20 years has resulted in them branching out into different subgenres. It’s party what keeps fans interested as a franchise like the MCU can have a variety of different tones and vibes (i.e. Captain America: Winter Soldier being a spy thriller, Guardians of the Galaxy being a Star Wars comedy, and … Continue reading 15 Awesome Superhero “Horror” Movies

“The Northman” – Movie Review

If there’s one thing that writer/director Robert Eggers is known for, it’s his ability to tell an incredibly disturbing story with an amazing attention to detail for historical accuracy and realism.  The Witch and The Lighthouse were both hailed by critics as “elevated horror”, but that term does them a disservice as they’re both so much more than that. Following the success of both of … Continue reading “The Northman” – Movie Review

“For the Sake of Vicious” – Movie Review

When pushed far enough, there’s no telling what acts of brutality an ordinary person is capable of.  Shudder’s latest exclusive film For the Sake of Vicious takes an ordinary Halloween night, and turns it into an evening of disturbing allegations, and gruesome violence perpetrated by people who never imagined they’d be doing so. Getting to the Truth Following a long and exhausting shift, nurse Romina … Continue reading “For the Sake of Vicious” – Movie Review

Why Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” Still Holds Up 50 Years Later

When people look back on Steven Spielberg’s prolific and acclaimed career, most will cite Jaws as his first “official” film.  And while that’s the movie that birthed the Hollywood blockbuster and made him a household name, it was technically not the first feature length film he ever made. Four years prior, he directed a TV Movie that was so well received, it wound up getting … Continue reading Why Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” Still Holds Up 50 Years Later

“The Forever Purge” – Movie Review

What began as a home invasion film with a twist has grown into one of the most over the top, brutally violent, and socially relevant action/horror franchises ever seen. After the incredibly popular Purge: Election Year, we’ve gotten a prequel movie with The First Purge, and a prequel series with the Purge TV show on USA. But we’ve never gotten a proper sequel that followed … Continue reading “The Forever Purge” – Movie Review

“Army of the Dead” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

2021 has been quite the year for Zack Snyder.  After a very vocal fan campaign resulted in his long awaited “Snyder Cut” of Justice League finally being released, another project of his debuts this very month on Netflix. Snyder came onto the cinematic scene strong with his remake of Dawn of the Dead back in 2004 (which was also his directorial debut).  According to the … Continue reading “Army of the Dead” – Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

Blumhouse Releases Trailer for “The Forever Purge”

After being pushed back a full year, like so many other movies, The Forever Purge is finally getting its wide release this coming 4th of July weekend (the same weekend the last two movies were released), and Blumhouse just graced us with a trailer that looks legitimately awesome! Ever since the original Purge came out back in 2013, fans on the internet have loved to … Continue reading Blumhouse Releases Trailer for “The Forever Purge”

“Hunted” – Movie Review

Survival horror forces its audience to think about what they would do in life or death situations.  Shudder’s latest original film, Hunted does just that.  What starts as something out Taken quickly goes deep into “Most Dangerous Game” territory! Hunter vs. Prey The film opens with a campfire story that deals with the dynamics of hunters and prey.  It makes for a cool and atmospheric … Continue reading “Hunted” – Movie Review

Ranking Every “Tremors” Movie

Spanning 30 years, 7 movies, 3 centuries of setting, and 1 badass hero throughout, the Tremors franchise is one unlike any other.  Part Western/Action, part B-Movie Monster Horror, it’s a series that’s never taken itself too seriously and always managed to be fun. So with the release of Shrieker Island, which seems to be something of a finale for the franchise, we thought it would … Continue reading Ranking Every “Tremors” Movie