Firestarter 1984 vs. 2022

Long before the massive superhero boom that has dominated the past 20 years, Stephen King wrote his own twisted version of a superhero (or perhaps villain) origin story with his 1980 novel “Firestarter”.  Sort of a Stephen King version of the Dark Phoenix saga from “X-Men”, it’s now been adapted twice with two very different interpretations of the source material. To be clear, the 2022 … Continue reading Firestarter 1984 vs. 2022

“The Witch” vs. “The Lighthouse” vs. “The Northman”

With the release of The Northman, Robert Eggers has once again demonstrated his amazing attention to detail for historical accuracy, while also delivering a brutally violent but brilliant story.  The Witch, The Lighthouse, and The Northman are all very different stories, but there’s a common theme of raw, unfiltered experience, particularly through the lens of history. Each of them is a classic in their own … Continue reading “The Witch” vs. “The Lighthouse” vs. “The Northman”

Ti West’s “House of the Devil” vs. “X”

While not as much a household name as James Wan or John Carpenter, Ti West is quickly rising to stardom among horror directors and demonstrating that he’s one of the best working today.  His most recent film X has dominated social media conversation for days since its release, and it’s causing many to revisit his older films which are just as unique and interesting. His … Continue reading Ti West’s “House of the Devil” vs. “X”

“The Howling” vs. “An American Werewolf in London”

It’s not very common that two classics featuring the same type of monster get released within mere months of each other.  But that was very much the case in 1981 when both Joe Dante’s The Howling and John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London both hit cinemas. Both films have certainly lived on to become well-loved classics, and while they are completely different in story, … Continue reading “The Howling” vs. “An American Werewolf in London”

Candyman 1992 vs. 2021

The long anticipated reboot/sequel of Candyman has finally been released, after a mountain of delays.  The Jordan Peele produced and Nia DaCosta directed film has been making waves on the internet, and holds the distinction of the first time in history that a film directed by a black woman opened at #1 at the box office. So with all the buzz around the new movie … Continue reading Candyman 1992 vs. 2021

Fear Street 1994 vs. 1978 vs. 1666

R.L. Stine’s first “R” rated adaption took the world by storm with its three week premiere event on Netflix. As a horror fan, it was nothing short of amazing to get a horror trilogy back to back, week after week.  Especially considering how much fun this series was, and how it successfully pulled off telling one continuous story that spanned decades (and centuries). While Fear … Continue reading Fear Street 1994 vs. 1978 vs. 1666

“The Omen” 1976 vs. 2006

There are few villains that are as epitome of evil as the Antichrist.  But what if the almighty sinister being on this Earth was just a young, seemingly innocent child?  The intrigue of that concept has led to 1976’s The Omen becoming a horror classic for 45 years now. Then on June 6, 2006 the studio couldn’t resist capitalizing on that date and released a … Continue reading “The Omen” 1976 vs. 2006

“House on Haunted Hill” 1959 vs. 1999

Along with The Haunting and 13 Ghosts, House on Haunted Hill completes the trio of iconic haunted house horror films from the late 50s/early 60s that got the “modern” remake treatment in the late 90s/early 00s. In many ways, House of Haunted Hill set the stage for this original trio by creating what a haunted house movie can be, and of course by featuring the … Continue reading “House on Haunted Hill” 1959 vs. 1999

What the Snyder Cut Did Better (And What It Didn’t)

After years of Twitter campaigns, a Warner Brothers/AT&T merger, and the launch of HBO Max, the Snyder Cut of Justice League is finally here!  For diehard Zack Snyder fans, and some DC fans, this was a momentous occasion. Regardless of whether you like the original Justice League, or are a fan of Zack Snyder at all, you do have to admit that it’s quite inspiring … Continue reading What the Snyder Cut Did Better (And What It Didn’t)

“The Stand” 1994 vs. 2020

To this day, “The Stand” remains Stephen King’s longest novel ever written and is an absolute behemoth of a story (and a physical book).  King has called his own version of “Lord of the Rings” with an epic journey being set in America, and there’s no denying its impact on his career, as well as horror as a whole. Given how massive a story it … Continue reading “The Stand” 1994 vs. 2020