“Yummy” – Movie Review

When it comes to undead, flesh-eating zombies, “yummy” probably isn’t a word that comes to mind, unless you have a very dark sense of humor. This is pretty common among horror fans, and Shudder’s newest zombie original, aptly titled Yummy captures just that.

It’s not the over the top humor that last week’s Scare Package relied on. Rather it’s much more subtle and witty (no surprise it was made in Europe). So let’s take a bite into Yummy!

Not Your Typical Doctor’s Visit
The movie kicks off with a really cool animated opening credit sequence. From there, we see a boyfriend and girlfriend traveling to a clinic with the girlfriend’s mother. Tensions are somewhat high as anyone traveling with in-laws can understand.

We can all relate.

Upon arrival, the staff strange, to say the least. After a few things go wrong, the hospital is overrun with flesh-eating zombies and it becomes a fight to escape, while also dealing with the military outside trying to contain the situation.

Not Your Typical Zombie Film
What makes Yummy so much fun is the constant slew of WTF moments you think can’t be topped from scene to scene.

Everything from a zombie eating itself to a graphic shot of a male “appendage” being set on fire, it reaches near Evil Dead levels of gore that is so overt, you can’t help but laugh at how fun and ridiculous it is.

Yummy has more European subtlety than Scare Package, but less wit and meta commentary than One Cut of the Dead. In many ways, it flirts with the line between cheesy but fun gorefest and arthouse horror trying to say something. Ultimately, it strikes a good balance and makes for an entertaining watch!

WTF is this?!

Yummy is streaming exclusively on Shudder

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