Universal Drops New Trailer for “Candyman”

Just two months shy of its release date in August (which has been postponed several times), audiences were finally treated to a new trailer for the Jordan Peele produced, Nia DaCosta directed Candyman reboot!

New Origins
Showing much more detail about the plot, this new trailer delves into a seemingly updated version of Candyman’s backstory, suggesting that this film is a hard reboot rather than the quasi-reboot/sequel that 2018’s Halloween was.

This version, through the use of urban legends of course, tells the story of a man who gave candy to children as a kind gesture.  But when razorblades were found, he was abducted and lynched by the townspeople.

It uses really cool silhouettes to tell the story in such a way that an urban legend might be told. Similar to that of the Deathly Hallows story in Harry Potter.

It’s a clear contrast to the 1992 original in which the titular villain was a slave who fell in love with a white woman and was killed for it.  Because of this, it’s less likely that this version will have the same romantic overtones that one did, but his backstory is still very much an example of how racial injustice and cruelty to fellow humans can create a monster.

However, the trailer does reveal that this too will be something of an urban legend mystery, as the main character Anthony (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II)  unravels the mystery and origin of who and what Candyman is.  And of course, it features that iconic Philip Glass score, which is only second to Tony Todd as the quintessential component to Candyman.

The company logos were also backwards, which might be a hint…

Bringing the Horror
Thus far, all the promotional materials (including this trailer) have wisely refrained from showing Tony Todd at all, however this new trailer does give is a brief voiceover from him at the very end, as if to tease us.

There may have been discussion about recasting Candyman with a younger actor, but honestly it’s impossible to imagine anyone but Tony Todd in that role.  And there probably would have been some backlash, much like we saw with 2010’s A Nightmare on Elm Street remake.  Jackie Earl Haley did a great job with what he had, but there is no Freddy but Robert Englund, and there is no Candyman but Tony Todd.

The trailer features an awesome line, “Candyman ain’t a he, Candyman’s the whole damn hive” and that pretty much says it all!

While it certainly will delve into socio-economic themes, as the original did, the tone and aesthetic seems to be going all in on the suspense and horror.  Given that Jordan Peele co-wrote the screenplay, we likely have nothing to fear about it not being scary, which ironically means we actually have a lot to fear…

What did you think of the trailer?  What do you hope to see in this movie?  Let us know in the comments!

Check out the full trailer here!

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