Creative Ways to Spend Purge Night (Other Than Murdering)

Other than an internal sense of morality, what’s honestly stopping people from committing crimes?  The Purge franchise has always examined this idea, portraying a nation devoid of laws for 12 continuous hours.

And while murder seems to be the go to crime for just about every character in the series, there are honestly much more creative (and productive) ways to spend Purge Night.  So we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of them!

Disclaimer: Halloween Year-Round does not endorse or encourage any of these activities as (other than on Purge Night) they remain very illegal…

Use that 12 hour window to steal as much money from your job as possible.  Whether that means accounting employees transferring funds to their own account or keyholders taking everything from the registers and safe in the backroom.  While you can’t be prosecuted, be prepared to be immediately fired from your job the next day, so take enough to prep for that.

Erase Debt
Erase Debt
For those wanted to take the Robin Hood approach, Purge Night would be a great time to hack into the online systems of collection agencies, medical insurance companies, or student loan lenders and wipe out everyone’s debt.  Or just upload a virus that deletes all their files and they have no idea who owes what.

Insider Trading
Insider Trading
This is another great one you could do from the safety of a bunker as chaos ensues outside.  Spend all 12 hours buying/selling stocks, taking advantage of private information.  However, this might end up being a long con, as selling those stocks again might get you in trouble unless you wait until next year’s Purge.

Harvesting/Selling Human Organs
Now this one is the most dangerous, as it does require you to be out in the streets on Purge Night.  But you could drive around all night, removing organs from the countless corpses littering the streets and sell them on the black market.  Of course, by the time the siren rings by 7:00am, you better be done selling and no longer have any in your possession.

Online Piracy
Are you tired paying monthly subscriptions for programs that you should just be able to purchase once?!  Well you could spend 12 hours straight downloading as much as you wanted.  Let’s be honest though, a lot of people already do this in the absence of a Purge, but if you’re afraid of getting in trouble, best to do it then.

Tax Fraud
USA Social Security Card on calculations of tax for retirement
Everyone hates paying taxes, but if you wait until Purge Night, which occurs in March (within tax season), you could lie as much as you want on your tax return.  Claim a whole bunch of deductions, under-report your income.  Find as many ways to get back as much as you can or pay as little as you can.  Worst case scenario, the IRS rejects your filing and makes you redo it (accurately this time), but you won’t be prosecuted if you filed it during that 12 hour window.

Which of these would you do?  Are there any other creative ideas we didn’t think of?  Let us know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Creative Ways to Spend Purge Night (Other Than Murdering)

  1. Team up with someone who wants to kill and go for Zuckerberg/Musk types or essential to the company owners who you can then short the stock of when they are killed.


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